Lt. Patrick McCarrick


  • Born in Ireland
  • Appointed from North Carolina.
  • Master in North Carolina Navy.
  • Acting Master, 25 August 1861.
  • Lieutenant for war, 18 March 1862.
  • Captured 10 February 1861 at Battle of Elizabeth City.

Lt. Patrick McCarrick of Norfolk, Virginia, commanded the CSS Sea Bird during the battles of Roanoke Island (7-8 Feb 1862) and Elizabeth City (10 Feb 1862). Born in Ireland, he was appointed acting master on August 25, 1861. McCarrick commanded the CSS Winslow during 1861. He was captured after the USS Commodore Perry rammed and sank the CSS Sea Bird during the battle of Elizabeth City.

After he was paroled (12 Feb 1862) and exchanged (September, 1862), McCarrick served on the Mississippi River defenses where he commanded the steamer Charm in 1863, He participated in the Johnson’s Island Expedition in 1863 as well. He served on the CSS North Carolina at Wilmington Station in 1864 and served on special duty 1864-1865 at that station.