Lt. James Lingard Hoole


  • Born in Alabama.
  • Appointed from Alabama.
  • Formerly midshipman, US Navy.
  • Acting Midshipman, 22 June 1861.
  • Acting Master, 24 September 1861.
  • Lieutenant for war, 8 February 1862.
  • Wounded in Battle of Roanoke Island.

Lt. James Lingard Hoole, formerly a midshipman in the U.S. Navy, was appointed commander of the CSS Forrest late in 1861. Prior to serving on the CSS Forrest, he served as a midshipman aboard the CSS Patrick Henry. Promoted to acting master on September 24, 1861, he commanded the CSS Forrest in the battle of Roanoke Island (7-8 Feb 1862), during which he was seriously wounded. On February 8, 1862, he was promoted to lieutenant for the war.

The CSS Forrest was burned during the battle of Elizabeth City. Hoole was transferred to the Savannah Squadron, where he commanded the CSS Georgia in 1862. He served on the CSS cruiser Florida from late 1862 through 1864. Hoole died August 5, 1866.