Lt. James Langhorne Tayloe


  • Appointed from Virginia.
  • Formerly midshipman, US Navy.
  • Acting midshipman, 8 July 1861.
  • Acting master, 24 September 1861.
  • Lieutenant for the war, 8 February 1861.
  • Killed in action, 8 March 1862.

Formerly a midshipman in the U.S. Navy. James Tayloe was appointed acting midshipman on July 8, 1861, acting master on September 24, 1861, and lieutenant for the war on February 8, 1862. He commanded the CSS Fanny during the battles of Roanoke Island (7-8 Feb 1862) and Elizabeth City (10 Feb 1862). During the battle of Elizabeth City, Tayloe grounded the CSS Fanny and set her on fire to prevent her capture after she was placed in a sinking condition.

Tayloe served as a volunteer aide aboard the CSS Raleigh during the battle of Hampton Roads (8 Mar 1862). He was killed in action during the attack on the USS Congress on that date.