NC Navy Officers

The North Carolina Navy was established by the 1861 State Convention. The officers were appointed by the Military and Naval Board by June of 1861. The naval force was to consist of one commander, five lieutenants commanding, three midshipmen, 2 surgeons, 1 paymaster, one chief engineer, one 3rd assistant engineer, one engineer in chief, 2 navy agents, and 125 enlisted men.

Original Officers Appointed

William T. Muse, Commander in Chief
John Manning, Commander
Peter U. Murphy, Lieutenant commanding NCS Kahukee
Thomas M. Crossan, Lieutenant commanding NCS Winslow
William W. Roberts, Lieutenant commanding NCS Albemarle
David Coleman, Lieutenant commanding NCS Ellis
Robert C. Duvall, Lieutenant commanding NCS Beaufort
Edward Warren. Surgeon, at Ocracoke
Wyatt M. Brown, Surgeon, at Hatteras
John Johnson, Paymaster
Elwood Morris, Engineer in Chief, at Ocracoke
3rd Assistant Engineer
J. W. Parks,
Chief Engineer, NCS Ellis
William T. Moore
, Midshipman, NCS Ellis
Oliver S. Dewey, Naval Agent, at New Berne
Marshall Parks, Naval Agent, at New Berne

Other Officers

James A. Seawell, Lieutenant, NCS Winslow
Patrick McCarrick, Master, NCS Winslow
Patrick H. McCarrick, Midshipman, NCS Winslow
J. M. Freeman, Jr., 3rd Assistant Engineer, NCS Winslow
Robert Nash, 3rd Assistant Engineer, NCS Winslow
Samuel M. Bowen, Engineer, NCS Albemarle
George Wright, Pilot, NCS Winslow
Thomas Wright
, Pilot, NCS Winslow
Samuel Salyer, Pilot, NCS Albemarle
J. M. Worth,
Commander’s Clerk, NCS Winslow