Welcome to the new location of the combined NC Squadron and Brown Water Navies sites

The old Brown Water Navies site is being absorbed into my NC Squadron WordPress.com site. The old NC Squadron’s theme (Sunspot) couldn’t be arranged to handle the new material the way I wanted and it couldn’t be ported over to the new theme I’d chosen (Twenty Ten), so I’m building the site over again from scratch. I hope you enjoy the new drop-down menus.

This WordPress site can hold 3 gigs of data compared to the 1 gig the old Brown Water Navies site had. That old site had already overrun the available storage. The new drop-down menus make it easier for me to organize the materials. Hopefully it will make finding information easier.


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Dec. 7th additions

An appropriate Civil War-themed header photo has been added. Chris Meekins is pleased with the change. The biographical statements for the NC Squadron commanders have been expanded and reformatted.

I successfully changed from a button-up flannel shirt to a polo shirt all by myself without messing up the sutures in my shoulder. You never know when someone might invite you to play polo, you know! (Torn cartilage was removed from my right shoulder Dec. 6th.) All additions and improvements to this page today were made solely using my right hand. I even ate dinner using a fork in my right hand for the first time in my life today.

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Dec. 5th additions

Seventeen articles were posted Saturday, Dec.4th. Fourteen more were posted by 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 4th. There about 57 articles total to be ported over from Brown Water Navies and the NC Squadron sites. Once all the articles have been added, I’ll start adding the ship and crew data. The commander data will be expanded as well.

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